Hi all, its been a while.

I don’t know why, and I don’t know how, but, I’m sitting here in the the workshop, with a journal in front of me, staring at the pages, as the blank Books I’ve gathered whisper to me, the Ink I’ve collected calls out to me, begging to be Written into an Age. I feel compelled to do so… But I don’t know what to Write. I don’t know what my first Age should be… It needs to be something special… But what?

I feel pulled towards a garden of some sort. But not like Eder Kemo, or Eder Tsogal… Something much more like Direbo, or Kadish Tolsea.. A dark, peaceful place, but also a place with inner light.

I don’t understand it, yet… But, I suspect, in time, the words will come to me, and I will begin to write into my practice book, this journal that sits in front of me. Perhaps, it will be Writen one of the blank Books I have, with that rarest of all Inks.

Perhaps I, like the D’ni, and fellow explorers before me, will tend to the branches of the Great Tree.

I don’t know why, but.. D’ni itself doesn’t call me as strongly as it used to, things have changed down there, and I’m not sure I like how its changing.

On a lighter note, I’m repairing an old cannen, to place in the Pub, should be nice. Drinks are still on back order… This is taking far too long. I saw Keith mention on Beneath that Jilen had brewed some drinks from things in Ahry’ahn, might be something to that, actually, maybe we could brew some drinks from things in the Ages.

Also, I think I’ve discovered Seret. Waiting on confirmation, but.. hopefully this is it.

That’s about all from me…. Perhaps more later. Maybe I’ll have some idea about this Age that’s forming in my mind.

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