Well, as mentioned on [ Twitter ], I linked into a location in D’ni Keith (Keith Lord, of [ Beneath ] ) was restoring. Whilyam and I linked in as Keith, Steven, and Sophie were discussion some things, we weren’t exactly expecting to see people.

I linked in from a Book I found in one of Keith’s areas, glad it was somewhere he was restoring, else it could have been a bit unpleasant.

Things to note: Location seems to be the home of an Archivist, Fehnir, along with the site of his death, during the Fall of D’ni. He left a journal, which was apparently being written as he died of the plague. Keith tells me he was the “owner” (for want of a better word), of Lehns, and Ahry’ahn, another Age. Keith and the others have not opened access to Ahry’ahn yet, but I look forward to visiting, one day.

Seems like now there is general access to Fehnir’s house, the location is going to be fast-tracked, and will be released soon, feel bad about forcing Keith’s hand like this, though, he’s a great guy. I’ve been getting to know him through my work for Subterranean Restorations.

Fehnir is still lying there, is should note, just like Kadish lies in his vault. Please be careful with the poor fellow, if you do eventually visit.

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