Been working hard on the pub-style imager, trying to get it up and running. It sure has taken me a while. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Damn, that tech is weird.

Anyways, I found a linking book hidden inside the damn thing, that seemed to be the problem, actually, it was jammed in tight, had to attempt some repairs after getting the blasted thing out. Got the imager working again, though.

Not forgetting the last random linking book I followed, infact, the one that lead to the Pub, I decided to grab a maintainer’s  suit, before linking. Wasn’t necessary, this time, though. Linked through to a sort of.. Workshop-ish area, in an inclosed area, looks like its one of those places created by the D’ni Extruder tech, Definitely not in D’ni, of course, but, still, looks like its in the middle of some cavern, since all around is rock, and nothing much else, few firemarble lights that look like they’ve been added in after the room was formed, via extruders. Definitely looks like a workshop, though, fair bit of room, and a bunch of tools.  Some workbenches, too. Linked back to the pub, and grabbed the book again, this book is going in my bag, its going to be mighty useful, I feel.

Unhooked the other imagers in the pub, and managed to shift them through to the workshop Age. These tools should make it easier to repair them, hopefully.

Dropped the book off in my Relto, for safe keeping.

3 Responses to “Imagers and discoveries”

  1. Atrion says:

    OOC: I was just wondering if your writings about a pub and/or other ages are just writings or if you have created these ages also for the actual game?

  2. Blake "Kaelis Ebonrai" Heatly says:

    OOC: Hi, Atrion: I have indeed created the Pub, I’m just finishing it off as we speak. It needs a few little tweaks, still, and the first release should be ready. The Sine Waves “Guild Pub” Was in progress, but, was never completed, and has since been suspended. Re: the other ages, some of these will be made, not so much the one where I found the book to the Pub, but, I’m pondering how to do the workshop, as well.

  3. Atrion says:

    I will deff have to check out your Pub once its available. The workshop sounded interesting to me, I think it would be interesting to have as an age.