Well, I’m back down in the cavern, alone, again.

Still planning, and still trying to set up the Sine Waves infrastructure..  Got the pub most way done, just waiting on my buddy DreadNaught from the surface to come down and give me a hand removing the Greeter Logo from this pub, and replacing it with the Sine Waves Logo.. Almost everything else is good to go, really.

Still need to figure out why the blasted arches in the pub are still cyan, and the floor on the second level too, I’ll sort it out, I guess, just not now, it seems.

Looking for a suitable ‘hood to set up in, still, I’ve found a few likely ‘hoods, nothing for certain, yet though.

In other news, I’ve had the Sine Waves ‘Hood shirt made, and I’ve been wearing it around a bit, even!